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About Us

Hi there. We're Karl and Jen.

Karl is a former city boy who discovered hiking, donned his boots, and never looked back. He's a beekeeper and farmer now, but, as he says, "He'll always be city at heart." I grew up a country girl. My parents raised us with a love of self-sufficiency and DIY that left me with constantly dirty fingernails and an nagging curiosity for the true "homesteading" lifestyle.  

Since finding each other, Karl and I are having a wonderful time on our half acre, learning the skills of true self-sufficiency.

While we aren't true "preppers" YET, Covid's arrival made us admittedly more motivated to take the plunge.  We always love the idea of being more self-sufficient, wasting less, and saving more.

We keep bees and chickens. (Or rather, they keep US.) We also have a cranky old parrot, a cat and a dog. Oh, and don't forget about 20 goldfish in an outdoor pond that we converted from a mudhole.


Like our namesake, Mr. Magoo, we "see" our backyard farm as a big, joyful (frequently bumbling) experiment that we love to continually modify and share.

Thank you for visiting with us. We're glad to have you along for the ride!


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