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The Newest Chicks in the Henhouse

Four gorgeous fluffy chickens

Meet Greta (center) Sylvie (center behind) Luna (right) and Dusty (left-mostly out of frame)

Our new EASTER EGGERS! As you may or may not know, these ladies will lay blue/green colored eggs! WE are so excited!

We bought them from our friend's farm in April. (Briscoe Family Farm in Dracut, MA) They are about 10 weeks old in these photos.

Not long after this pic was taken, Sylvie started waking us up at 5:30 am with the sweetest, most pathetic-sounding little croak of a crow. We changed her name to "his" -Sylvano. We longed to keep him, but unfortunately we cannot have roosters in our town, and we didn't want to push our luck with the neighbors. Happily, Sylvano was welcomed back to Briscoe farm. Where we swapped him out for a "new" Sylvie, who looks nearly identical., but so far, NO CROWING.

No harm no fowl!

(hahaha yep, you noticed what I did there, did 'ya?)

So, anyway, just a quick update to say that the girls are getting along with their big sisters pretty well at this point. The new ladies are a bit over 20 weeks now so we are expecting our first eggs in early September. HOORAY FOR CHICKEN MATH!

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